10 Ideas For Clear Thinking

10 Steps To Clear Thinking

 Our brain is a very powerful machine and has to process so many things at once. It has to deal with so many facts, processes and emotions every day, therefore, it might get a bit tired and cause anxiety and stress. Our brain also needs a reboot every now and then to perform at it’s best.

 Does your mind sometimes feel like your favourite device acting up? You know there's an interesting feature or app you want to use but the device doesn’t want to load it. What if you could "refresh" at will, have clear thinking whenever you want it? Try some of the following.

clear thinking for stress relief


Ten Clear Thinking Techniques And Tips

  1. Take a walk. Science will eventually prove this to be a great way to improve the quality of your thinking, but don't wait for the proof. Aren't there enough other reasons to take a walk anyhow?


  1. Stay away from sugar. If you want to understand what brain fog is, eat a sugary donut on an empty stomach, then do math problems twenty minutes later. What you will experience, along with the "sugar blues," is brain fog. At least lay off sugar and simple carbohydrates when you need to think clearly.


  1. Organized space means clear thinking. It's rare that a person can actually work better in clutter. Organised working space means you won't have the thought "where is that..." distracting your mind. A nice clean environment will lift your mood and make you feel more relaxed.


  1. Get better sleep. Sleep requirements vary, but the minimum for most is somewhere around five hours. Some suffer if they sleep less than eight hours. The research, however, indicates that after a certain minimum quantity, the quality of sleep is more important to normal brain function. Your brain also needs a rest to help process everything you did the day and help restore your functions.


  1. Try meditating. No time? Just close your eyes, relax, and watch your breath for a while. Accept that your mind will wander, but continually return your attention to your breath. Five minutes of this, and afterwards you'll feel a boost in your brainpower.


  1. Resolve your "mind irritations." Watch your busy brain. Maybe a call you need to make has been bothering you, just below consciousness. Find these stressors and do something to let them go. For example, make that call, or put it on a list, and your mind will let go of it for now. Just seeing a problem and saying, "There's nothing I can do about this until Friday," will often stop unconscious worrying. Don’t overload your brain with to do’s that might take you seconds or minutes to clear.


  1. Don't drink alcohol. At least don't drink too much. While moderate amounts can be conducive to creative thinking, all the evidence says that it is bad for the long-term health of your brain.


  1. Make decisions quickly. Nothing gets in the way of clear thinking like a dozen decisions hanging around unmade. If nothing else, decide when you'll make the decision. Trust your instincts.


  1. Get some fresh air. Go outside and breathe deeply through your nose. You'll get a good dose of oxygen to your brain, and the change of surroundings can help clear your mind. It is nature’s free medicine.


  1. Satisfy your physical needs. Clear thinking is easier if you aren't too hungry, thirsty, or hot. Don’t deny your body the essentials it needs to function.

You can think more clearly starting today. It is all up to you. You can’t control everything, but you can control how you deal with your body and your brain. There are certainly more than ten ways, but you really only need to make a few of them a habit to have a more powerful brain. Why not try one or two right now?

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